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Panettone Amarena e Limone


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Traditional naturally leavened panettone, with lemons, Franciacorta and black cherries.

Format: 1 kg

Origin: Sicily

Ingredients : Type 0 wheat flour , free-range egg yolk, butter, liquid butter, granulated sugar, honey, powdered milk, fructose, natural mother yeast, monotriglycerides of fatty acids, natural vanilla flavouring. from Madagascar, salt, natural flavourings.

Expiration: 3 months from the date of production

Keep in a cold and dry place

May contain traces of nuts, soy, milk.

WHOLE CANDIED CHERRIES: cherries, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, black cherry juice. Dye: anthocyanins. Acidifier: citric acid. Flavourings: preservative: sulfur dioxide (as residue).

Ingredients: lemon zest, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup.


Sparkling wine


Ingredients: white chocolate icing and lemon zest.


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